Forbidden Society Recordings METALCAST Vol 35 feat PYTHIUS


Metalcast vol. 35 by the Dutch talent Pythius! This producer, newly under the wings of Black Sun Empire’s Blackout label, has been destroying the Drum & Bass scene with his releases lately! With all the harder edged neuro DnB bombs he’s been dropping, it was only a matter of time until this talented producer took on the challenge of making a Metalcast and serving you up a nice dose of Drum & Bass. Make sure to turn your volume up, as we heard your neighbors are starting to miss your soundsystem!


01.Mind Vortex — Against The Grain [Ram]
02.Icicle — The Edge (Black Sun Empire Remix) [Shogun Dub]
03.Khronos — ??? [Dub]
04.Optiv & BTK — Dive Bomb [Virus]
05.Cod3x — Space Gang [Bad Taste Dub]
06.Pythius — ??? [Dub]
07.Disprove, Inward, Hanzo & Randie — The Hutt [Redlight Dub]
08.Neonlight & Wintermute — Influ [Blackout]
09.Pythius — Air Raid [Blackout]
10.MachineCode — Counterbalance Ft. Coppa [C4C Dub]
11.Sinister Souls — Darkside [Othercide Dub]
12.Pythius — BBT Wait And Bleed VIP [Dub]
13.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind — Jack Nicholson [Blackout]
14.Pythius — Abandon [Blackout]
15.Misanthrop — Capitalism [Blackout]
16.Heamy & Asphexia — Digitam Mayhem [Bad Taste]
17.Synthakt — Memento Mori [Culture Assault Dub]
18.The Outside Agency & Deathmachine — Just Noise [Genosha 175]
19.Gorgoroth — Carving A Gian

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