INERPOIS — CROSSBONES Episode 003 @ Latvia

1.INTRO___DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski — Young Birds [my old CD collection of hardcore]
2.Kitech — Embryo (Featuring Zilla Rocca) [Freak Recs.]
3.Donny — Your World (Donny VIP) [Barcode Recs.\ FREE]
4.INERPOIS & KRIEG — Paradigm [T3K Recs.]
5.Circular D & KRIEG — Boer Repose [Battle Audio Recs.]
6.Counterstrike — Draco VIP [Algorythm Recs.]
7.Prankster — Blood & Tears (Fragz Bootleg) [FREE]
8.INERPOIS & TREMORS — Sarcasm [Forthcoming on Aggravated Music]
9.Limewax — Agent Orange (Mathizm Bootleg) [FREE]
10.Counterstrike — Drone (Gancher & Ruin Remix) [Melting Pot Recs.]
11.Dither — Adopted The Dark [PRSPCT Recs.]
12.eRRe & Hardlogik vs. Syrinx — D.I.E (INERPOIS & KRIEG RMX) [Forthcoming on Noisj Recs.]
13.Donny — Crawler (Donny VIP) [Barcode Recs.\ FREEE]
14.Biper & KRIEG — Twilight of the Idols [Forthcoming on Warrior Drum Recs.]
15.Evil Activities & DV8 Rocks — Guess What (Synthax remix) [FREE]
16.Switch Technique — Augur [Union Recs.\ FREE]
17.INERPOIS — F.E.A.R [DiMAN!X Remix] [Forthcoming on Ex Machina Recordings]
18.Scoob — Epicenter [DUB]
19.Dr Mathlovsky — Center Of The World [Noisj Recs.]
20.TriaMer & Nagato — Hrom [DABRO music \ FREE]
21.INERPOIS — Church Patrol [DUB]
22.Dead Phantoms — Forgive Me [Dark Box]
23.Fragz — The Hunger [Future Sickness Recs.]
24.Stereotype — Lost Empire [Deadline Records]
25.HUNGRY & VEIN — DEATH GAME [Monstersound Recs.]
26.Infamous & Syrinx — Possibility [Future Sickness Recs.]
27.Cooh — Pectus [LB Recs.]
28.Limewax and Thrasher — PRSPCT Wrecking Crew Anthem [PRSPCT Recs.]
29.Micromakine — Throught [Culture Assault Recs.]
30.Synthakt — When The Old Gods Rise [Culture Assault Recs.]
31.INERPOIS & KRIEG — Braindead (KRIEG VIP) [Dark Tracks Recs.]
32.Cooh — Kentar (Confrontation Edit by Detest) [Smackdown Recs.]
33.OUTRO ___Fear Factory_-_Powershifter + Sovet Deputatov_-_Your State = INERPOIS Destroyers Politicians Mushup!

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