KlitoriX@Break Them All 08 -04 -17

Klitomix recorded in Barcelona (Chemical Bunker) April 8th 2017

Tracklist :

DJIPE — Protest
DJIPE — Infest
Khaoz Engine — Amenz Inforzement
eDUB feat Im Colapsed — Socio
Matt Green & Al Twisted — No Understand
Hardlogik and Syrinx — Remy Lacroix Boxing_Day
Sei2ure and da mouth madness — A brand new era
Stolen Cult — Weapon of mass destruction
DJIPE — Turtle Devastation Wave
Vandal!sm -Fuck The Critics
Dither — Fowyc
Gore Tech — Heretic (Nayami RMX)
eDUB — Tengo todo papi
Innominate — Build to hurt
eDUB feat Im Colapsed — Ansiety
Braincrash — Psychonaut
N-Vitral & Igneon System — Jump the f@#- up (Innominate remix)
Gizmode & Tapeworm — Linear Breakdown
Circular D — Wayside Drummer
Babyshaker — Mosquito (Dr Bastardo Remix)
Flacido Domingo — Ye-Ye Shawty Turns Nasty!
Neocortex — Talk Leemhouse To Me
Sebby T — Pisscake
King Julien Sound System — Feel Da Phonk (sc.Dave!’s 5am Crusty Dreadlock Remix)
Breakforce One & F000L — Fuck Orff
KlitoriX — Double Castration
Detivepri — The Last Boss Monster (Final Sketch Remix)
Dubscribe — Blood Rave (Witch Bitch Klito Wmx)
Mr.Bad Monkey — Next Time In The Sushi Bar
Gore Tech — Ragga War
Miss Enemy & Insane S — Take It To The Floor
Circus Brekovic — Cara Van Core
Riggie Smalls — Dopest
Meow Meow! — Crass
KlitoriX ft SuM — Disconnected
eDUB feat Im Colapsed — Fucking Machines
Striker — Suffering and Pain
Batashi — Niedoścignione Jednorożce
Vengaboys — Up and Down
I:Gor — Total Confusion

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