AK-Industry & Igneon System introduce you to the MuSick Domination podcast
for the Nekrolog1k Hybr1d Sc1ence Tour. This brand new podcast is full of new/unreleased shit ready to blast your ears !
Nekro Troops, rise up under the Inverted Cross flag a new Belgian battlefield… Slay them all !! No prisoners !!!!

Weapons List :

AK-­‐Industry – Nekromongers (Forbidden Society METALSTEP VIP) (Ego1st Rec. )
UFO!KILLER ‐ Downfall (Silent Killer)
Brainpain – Metal Hammer (Ego1st Rec)
Forbidden Society & Futur Signal – Hellbringers (katharzys Remix) (Forbidden Society Rec. )
Noizeskill – Wall of Death (Ego1st Rec. )
eRRe & Hardlog1k – IT (Nekrolog1k Rec.)
Dub Elements – Never Give Up (Prspct Rec.)
Antichristus & Suicidal Tools – Slave to the Cross (Nekrolog1k Rec.)
Triamer & Timecode ­‐ Execution of Sentence (Nekrolog1k Rec.)
Thrasher Bong­‐ra & Limewax – Suck Satan’s Cock (Prspct Rec.)
Counterstrike -­ Extreme Mutilation (feat. KC) VIP (Algorythm Rec.)
Breakdown of Sanity – Story of a Stranger
AK‐Industry & Bryan Fury (Nekrolog1k Rec.)
AK-Industry & Igneon System – Evil Blood (Industrial Strength)
Deathmachine – The Journey (Nekrolog1k Rec.)
Lowroller – Mixbreed Soldier (Igneon System Remix) (Nekrolog1k Rec.)
AK‐Industry & Billy S. – Monster (Unreleased)
The Teknoist – Dead Unicorn (Ad Noiseam)
AK-­Industry – The Dark Industry (Deathmachine Remix) (Industrial Strength)

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