PRSPCT PDCST 026 by Freqax

For PRSPCT PDCST 026 we have invited Freqax to get behind the wheels of steel for half an hour of Hardcore Drum & Bass Mayhem!

Here is the tracklist:
Freqax — Twisted Vision
Freqax — The Riot (feat Aliosha (H8) & Jay)
Sei2ure & Thrasher — Revolution
Freqax — Democracy
Freqax — Shadows (with Katharsys feat. Joanna Syze)
Dolphin x Teknoist — War Track
Freqax — We, The World
Triamer & Nagato — Colombo (feat. Savage)
Katharsys _ Slippery slope
I;GOR — Twisted
Phace & Signs — Pamplemousse
Sinister Souls — Darkside
Rawtekk — D.N.A_Reloaded
Raiden & Current value — RM bleeps
Sei2ure — Vibrator
Freqax — Prana
Anatomix feat MC Coppa — Infected (Freqax remix)

Now go download and rock loud & proud!

For more info on Freqax just click this link:

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