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Akira @ Total Destruction vol 5, Nakano heavysick ZERO, Tokyo, Japan 19-10-2013

Lenny Dee (Industrial Strength) from USA
AKIRA (Hong Kong Violence) from NL
Kousei Muraki (Superbad MIDI Breaks)
Librah (KAK-A Rec)
ADAM (Superbad MIDI Breaks)
TNK (Superbad MIDI Breaks)
JUN (Fuck Techno Syndicate)
ASIN (Corebass Society Records / Superbad MIDI Breaks)
and more…

Live act
Burning Lazy Persons (Terror Noise Industry / Superbad MIDI Breaks)
Engage Blue (Red Fever Recordings / Superbad MIDI Breaks)

Akira live at the PRSPCT vs PRSPCT XTRM Area at Q-BASE Festival 2013

The PRSPCT area at Q-Base festival 2013 was insane!!!
Dutch Hardcore/Terror legend and newest PRSPCT family member: AKIRA played the final set of the night and completely destroyed the PRSPCT Hangar. Dead bodies every where. Complete chaos!!

Lucky for us, Akira recorded his set and let us upload it so check that shit out boys & girls!!!

Ps; This mix is not for the weak hearted… This is full on Hardcore Terror!!! Designed for the sole purpose of distinguishing the REAL Men & Women from the boys & girls.

PRSPCT XTRM 010 by Akira & Drokz will be hitting the streets Oct 2013. We will posting clips here soon.

Now download and play that shit loud as Fuck!!!

Akira @ Twisted’s Darkside Podcast 124

Twisted’s Darkside Podcast 124
Country: Netherlands
Style: Hardcore Techno / Industrial / Terror
Label: Hong Kong Violence

01. Hellfish – Last of a Dying Breed
02. I:gor feat Feel X – Gunz Up
03. The Sickest Squad – Can’t Stop
04. Maissouille feat Radium – Blackpearl
05. Axe Gabba Murda Mob – Take It To The Man
06. D.O.M feat Minckz – Frenchore Powa
07. Hellfish – Devine Bomb
08. Detest – Shotgun
09. Detest – Rebel Monster (The DJ Producers Derranged Ball RMX)
10. Akira – Beatdown Anonymous ( Profanity Reprensented Remix)
11. Tripped vs Akira – Hard Spuitwater
12. D.O.M – Fuckkk The System ( Akira ukong style reshoot RMX)
13. Dolphin – Those Were The Days
14. Digital Boy – S.A.L.T.A. ( The Destroyer Remix)
15. E-De-Cologne – Kill 4 Jesus
16. D.O.A – Wanna Be A Gangsta (Akira Brooklyn Annihilation Mix)
17. Hellfish – Cut Faster
18. Tripped — AAA
19. Jimmy S – Told Around
20. D.O.M – Rhythm In Tha Box (The Destroyer Remix)
21. Hellfish – Boost the Dub
22. Dj Skinhead – Extreme Terror (NY Hardcore Mix)
23. KTRM & Khaoz Engine – Scum Of The Earth
24. Rotator – JiHAD
25. Hellfish – Daft Blunt (The Speed Freak Remix)
26. Dj Skull Vomit – Swamp Bitch (Rotator Remix)
27. Tripped – Hostile
28. Nasenbluten – No More Fuckin Soul
29. Overcast – Attack
30. The Outside Agency – Ghetto Blaster
31 D.O.A. – Total Annihilation
32 Ladyscraper – Heavy Like Uranus Is
33 Lenny Dee vs Narotic – Pump Ur Fist ( U.V.C Rmx )