Архив метки: fragz!

Filthcast 043 featuring Fragz


Fragz raises the dead! Are you ready for an hour of pounding drum and bass?

Fragz — As We Fight
Merikan — Superficial Extent
Maztek & Gridlok — Black Skies
Donny — Ten Ton Hammer (Katharsys Remix)
Fragz — Sigelei
Merikan & Fragz — Hard Knocks
Pythius, Optiv & CZA — Battlecruiser
Fragz & Disphonia — Blind
Fragz — Black Box
Donny — Monster
Fragz & Limewax — Flickering Switch / Cooh & Fragz — Vitamin
Fragz — Stockholm Syndrome
Blast — Time Traveller
Fragz & The Panacea — Feel The Force
Fragz — STFU
Counterstrike — Stalker
Fragz & Cooh — Need To Go
Fragz feat. Mc Kryptomedic — Promises And Lies
Sinister Souls & Hallucinator & Fragz — Alive
Fragz & Katharsys — Low Life Criminals
Limewax — Everything
Fragz & Dj Hidden — Overshadowed
Fragz — Cobblepot
Fragz & Limewax — A Bunch Of Rats Fucking
Counterstrike & Cooh — Computer Control (Fragz Remix)
Fragz vs Gancher & Ruin & Cooh — Slave
Fragz — Errislota (Mashup)

Fragz — «No Bullshit» 3 Deck Mix

In this session you will find a wide selection, going through a lot of Drum And Bass Sub Genres, with no software,sync buttons, pure DJ skills!

Goldberg Variations — Dorksided
Zombie Cats & Mefjus — Must Eat 
Fragz & Cooh — Tempo
Icicle — Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)
Raiden & Current Value — RM Bleeps
Limewax — Poison
The Sect — Nerve Attack
Noisia — Asteroids
Evol Intent & Eye-D — Jim Skynner
Ca2k — Exhalation
Audio — Foodchain
Bratkilla & Sinister Souls — The Lich
Hallucinator — Raise Your Middle Finger VIP
Cooh — Duuure VIP
Hive — Neo (Audio Remix)
Phace & Noisia — Levitation
Looh — Selectah
Dkaos — Epistemic
Audio — Error
Noisia — Concussion
C-Netik & Bratkilla — Corona Virus
Acid Diaper — Get Hard
Counterstrike — Crushed
Noisia — Shaking Hands
High Rankin — Horrorcane
Smooth — Cardiac Arrest
D.A.V.E The Drummer — Aural Exciters (The Sect Remix)
Fragz & eRRe — In Da Place
Nanotek — Never Say Die (Cooh Remix)
Limewax — He Will Find Us (SPL Remix)
Gancher & Ruin & Katharsys — Sky From Beyond
Qo — Killcode Feat. Nuklear MC
Fragz — Abduction Theories
Phace — Bite The Edge
Synapse & Sei2ure — Trapped
Cooh — Drome
Looh — Partylooh
Katharsys — Day Breaker
Looh — Criplets
Fragz, eRRe, BSA — Boombox Terror
Dkaos — Trachno
Igneon System — Crisis Situation (N-Vitral Remix)

Therapy Sessions CZ 2014 Exclusive Mix By FRAGZ

FRAGZ poprvé rozseká Č. Budějovice! / FRAGZ will smash Č. Budějovice for the first time!

Bouřlivák z Portugalska má na kontě řadu úspěšných releasů na labelech jako Yellow Stripe, PRSPCT Recordings nebo Future Sickness. Kvalita jeho produkce stoupá a nepochybně o něm ještě hodně uslyšíte. Českému publiku se již představil v loňském roce na open air festivalu Let It Roll a na českobudějovickou Therapy Sessions zavítá poprvé. Jako ochutnávku jeho temperamentního stylu vám přinášíme další z exkluzivních mixů pro Therapy Sessions CZ – vychutnejte si FRAGZe a nenechte si ho ujít 24. 10. v kotli KD Vltava v Č. Budějovicích! YOU NEED THERAPY!!!
Portugal’s heavy-hitter has a number of successful releases on his account with labels such as Yellow Stripe, PRSPCT Recordings or Future Sickness. His production quality keeps going upwards and with certainty you’re going to hear about him in the future. To the Czech audience he was introduced at last year’s Let It Roll open air festival and he’s about to visit TS CZ in Č.Budějovice for the first time. For a small taste of his brisk style we bring you another exclusive mix for Therapy Sessions CZ – check out FRAGZ and don’t miss him on 24th Oct on the dancefloor at KD Vltava — Č. Budějovice! YOU NEED THERAPY!!!

01_The Limewax — Arsch Noisyum (PRSPCT)
02_Current Value — Tremor (Yellow Stripe)
03_Fragz & Deathmachine — Necessary Evil (Future Sickness)
04_Fragz & Cooh — Tempo (Yellow Stripe)
05_Fragz — Bounce (Big Riddim)
06_Audio & The Panacea — Designed For War (Freak)
07_Hallucinator — Anihilation (PRSPCT)
08_Fragz — Go Psycho (PRSPCT)
09_Sinister Souls — Swing (PRSPCT)
10_Cooh — Teroma (Counterstrike Remix) (Yellow Stripe)
11_Lucy Furr — Desolation (PRSPCT)
12_Fragz & eRRe — In Da Place (Big Riddim)
13_BSA — Femme Fatale (Yellow Stripe)
14_The Panacea — Found A Lover (Cooh Remix) (Position Chrome)
15_Fragz — Pyromaniac (Yellow Stripe)
16_Sinister Souls & Bratkilla — The Lich (Culture Assault)
17_Acid Diaper — Meanding Monday (PRSPCT)
18_Fragz — I’m Your God Now (PRSPCT)
19_Detest feat. Thrasher — Something To Die For (Qbase Anthem 2014)
20_Fragz vs Gancher & Ruin — Apocalypsis (Yellow Stripe)
21_Fragz — Porto (Yellow Stripe)
22_C-Netik & Syrinx — Alien Menace (Yellow Stripe)
23_Audio, Dylan & Robyn Chaos — Rapture (Freak)

Visit our website: www.therapysessions.cz 
FB event: www.facebook.com/events/1416147152001758/

Fragz — Past, Present, Future Mix 2014


Noisia — Concussion (Vision)
Fragz & Sinister Souls — Something Sinister (PRSPCT)
Mefjus — Signalz (Emperor Remix) (Critical)
Donny — The Resistance (Algorythm)
Sinister Souls & Bratkilla — The Lich (Dub)
Fragz & Hallucinator — Bloodpath (Yellow Stripe)
Fragz & eRRe — In Da Place (Big Riddim Dub)
The Panacea — Jungle Techno (Position Chrome)
Gancher & Ruin vs Dub Elements — Aftermatch (PRSPCT)
Fragz — Bounce (Big Riddim Dub)
Cooh — Duuure VIP (L/B)
Counterstrike — Maniac (Donny Remix) (Algorythm)
I:Gor — Game Tight (Heresy)
Fragz — I Got A Story To Tell (Future Sickness)
Sinister Souls — Rocket Propelled Grenade (PRSPCT)
N-Vitral — Such Kick (TTM)
Switch Technique — Original Faith (Yellow Stripe)
Fragz — Go Psycho (PRSPCT)
M.Humphries & Gleen Wilson — Aural Exciters (The Sect Remix) (Subsistenz)
Audio — Error (Offkey)
Hallucinator — Resist (Yellow Stripe)
Mefjus — Far Too Close (Neodigital)
Fragz — Abduction Theories (Yellow Stripe)
Current Value — Maintainer (Yellow Stripe Dub)
The Outside Agency vs Noisia — Messiah In The Dancehall (Fragz Edit)

Fragz — Cold As Fuck Promo Mix 2013


Counterstrike — Z Word (The Panacea VIP) (Algorythm)
Dkaos — Claw (Fragz Remix) (Yellow Stripe Dub)
Fragz — Ignorance (Yellow Stripe )
Bratkilla & C-Netik — Corona Virus ( (Yellow Stripe Dub)
Fragz — Go Psycho! (Prspct Dub)
Fragz vs Gancher & Ruin — Apocalypsis (Yellow Stripe Dub)
Fragz — Abduction Theories (Yellow Stripe )
Fragz — They Are Here (Yellow Stripe )
Fragz — Bounce (TBA)
C-Netik & Cooh — Retrofit (Prspct)
Fragz — I’m Your God Now (Prspct Dub)
Fragz & Switch Technique — Vigilante (TBA)
Fragz & C-Netik — Antilife (Angel remix) (Yellow Stripe Dub)
Fragz — I Got A Story To Tell (Future Sickness Dub)
BSA — Shove It (Yellow Stripe Dub)
Fragz & Deathmachine — Necessary Evil (Future Sickness Dub)
Fragz & Hallucinator — Bloodpatth (Yellow Stripe )
Fragz & Cooh — Space Cake (Yellow Stripe )
Fragz & Dkaos — Scanline (Yellow Stripe )
Forbidden Society — War Ensemble (Fragz & C-Netik Remix) (Forbiden Society Recs)
Donny — The Resistance (Algorythm)
Zardonic,Memtrix,Cooh,No Money — Cut Raw (Fragz & C-netik Remix) (Big Riddim)
Limewax — Lumpeth (Yellow Stripe Dub)
Cooh — Teroma (Counterstrike Remix) (Yellow Stripe Dub)
Fragz — Party Banger (Yellow Stripe )