Forbidden Society Pirate Station Inferno Promo Mix

Czech of all trades »Forbidden Society» is on the verge of a new era. After a long haul of releases, gigs and a consistent output of mixes, he now returns with what he describes as a breakthough work to add to his long list of perfectly mixed efforts.

After delightfully receiving an invitation to play at one of the world’s main events in Drum & Bass music called »Inferno Pirate Station» in St Petersburg (March 22, 2014) he rapidly switched on the decks to create
a mix that would represent his anticipation for the upcoming event. As motivated as ever Forbidden Society is ready to showcase his signature sound for one of the most exciting moments in his career thusfar.

Pirate Station is the world’s biggest drum and bass music festival. It’s held every year since 2003, when St. Petersburg held the first event. It has spread to biggest Russian cities (Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara etc.) and has also taken place in Estonia and Ukraine, which makes Pirate Station the biggest dance project ever. Almost half a million people visited the festival during these years. The main St. Petersburg show hosts more than 25,000 fans annually. Pirate Station is not just about music – it is a mix of unique performances and special effects united by a concept which changes every year.This is the promo mix for Pirate Station 2014 — Inferno from Forbidden Society.

Pirate Station patří k nejvetším ruským eventům vůbec. Za 11 let existence prošlo vstupními branami už pomalu 500 tisíc návštěvníků a v samotném Sankt- Petěrburgu akci navštíví okolo 25 tisíc lidí! Pirate Station si získala od samotného začátku velké množství fanoušků díky silným lineupům, světelné show, videoprojekci, obří tématické dekoraci a neskutečné doprovodné show, která se v průběhu večera několikrát mění. Toto je promo mix pro Pirate Station 2013 — Inferno — od Forbidden Society


1.Hallucinator feat. The Modern Age Slavery — Redlines
2.Audio — Burn It Down
3.Current Value — Ghost Rider
4.Killer Industries — Side Kick
5.Forbidden Society — Cobra (Katharsys Remix)
6.Receptor & Engage — Gothic
7.Forbidden Society — Monger
8.Forbidden Society — Can’t Be Soft (Counterstrike Remix)
9.Faith In Chaos — Possesion (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) (FS Hype Up)
10.Receptor — Punks
11.Current Value — Shimmer
12.Katharsys & Forbidden Society — Lords Of The steel
13.Forbidden Society — Forcer (Killer Industries Remix)
14.Katharsys & Forbidden Society — Lords Of The steel VIP
15.Rene Lavice — Perfect World
16.Evol Intent — Punchout
17.Mefjus — Dissuade
18.Lucio De Rimanez & Dereck — Why
19.Katharsys — Deadman
20.Black Sun Empire feat. Forreign Beggars — Dawn Of A Dark Day (Prolix Remix)
21.Forbidden Society & Coppa — Hurtlocker
22.The Bloody Beetroots feat. Refused — New Noise (FS Hype Up)
23.Forbidden Society & Coppa — Clap Back / Dope D.O.D. feat. Redman — Groove
24.Forreign Beggars feat. Noisia — Contact / Pornothrasher — Disco Illusion
25.Spl — Sickness / Noisia & Evol Intent — The Liquid
26.Hive — Neo (Audio Remix)
27.Excision — X Rated (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
28.Proton Kid — Scare (CA2K Remix)
29.Gancher & Ruin & CA2K — The Return Of Ardo
30.Forbidden Society — Hustlers & Hardcore
31.Forbidden Society — Bodycount
32.Katharsys — Iron Sky
33.Forbidden Society — Cobra
34.Forbidden Society — Surge
35.Slayer — Reign In Blood (PK Bootleg) (FS Hype Up)

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