Forbidden Society Recordings METALCAST vol. 24 feat. EYE-D

Metalcast is a series of podcasts presented by Czech Republic based imprint »Forbidden Society Recordings».
Heavy hitting Drum & Bass sounds put together by various friends and allies of the label. Every artist has around 30 minutes to showcase his style and paint a picture of choice which as the name suggests or course should be drenched in dripping hot metal.
Metalcasts appear frequently via platforms such as Soundcloud. Mixcloud and Youtube.

24th Metalcast is done by the half of The Outside Agency project mr. Eye D! Frank is known for his super tight 3deck sets and as for his production — his Drum & Bass has the Power To Distort let ‘s say!:) Again boys and girls — VOLUME UP AS THIS MIX DEFENETLY DESRVES IT!!:) Enjoy !m!

Forbidden Society Recordings METALCAST vol.24 feat. EYE — D

1.State of Mind & Black Sun Empire — Unconscious
2.Eye-D — Mission Statement
3.Mefjus — Dissuade
4.CA2K — Kontakt
5.State of Mind — No-Operative
6.Counterstrike — Polarize
7.Teddy Killerz & Nphonix — Burnin’
8.SPL — The Sickness
9.Black Sun Empire — Arrakis (Noisia Remix)
10.Katharsys — Life Is a Bitch (Counterstrike Remix)
11.Current Value — Rit
12.Zardonic, Counterstrike, Gein & Robyn Chaos — Revolution (Eye-D Remix)
13.The Upbeats — Predator
14.Brillz & Teddy Tuxedo — Buckwild (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)
15.Cooh — Terroma (Counterstrike Remix)
16.Black Sun Empire & Noisia — Hideous (Remix)
17.The Outside Agency — Primitive
18.Insideinfo & Mefjus — Mythos
19.The Outside Agency — The Sunrise
20.Katharsys — Nothing Left
21.Love Among Freaks — Berserker

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