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METALCAST vol.40 by S9

The 40th edition of the Metalcast podcast series is brought to you by S9. S9 is the new member of FSRECS, but very experinced and talented DJ, so you can expect a perfect mix. S9 is talented producer from United Kingdom who can make everything from liquid to hard neurofunk. „Retrospect“ and „Warehouse“ belong to his best. „Warehouse“ was even considered as one of the most heaviest track of the 2016 and it was possible to hear it almost at every event. S9 releases mainly on Titan Records, Blackout, Forbidden Society Recording now too.

Take a seat, turn up your speaker and enjoy the XYth edition of the Metalcast on Forbidden Society Recordings by S9.


A.M.C & The Clamps — Prince of Darkness
Skrillex — Ragga Bomb (Teddy Killerz Remix)
The Prototypes & Prolix — Enter The Void
Agressor Bunx — Spit That Verse
Mind Vortex — Gravity
DC Breaks & Prolix — Infinity
Agressor Bunx — Adamant
Mefjus — Blitz
Disprove — Autolyse
Alibi ft. MC Coppa — Trunk
Enei — Wolfpack
Jam Thieves — Chicago Outfit
Serum — Black Metal
Halogenix — Blej
Dub Personal — Relapse
Drumsound & Bassline Smith — Odyssey VIP
Dimension — Whip Slap (S9 VIP)
State of Mind — Choker
Chase & Status — International (Dimension Remix)
Frankee — Harlequin VIP
Noisia — Into Dust
Dimension — UK
Oz — Helion
Mefjus & Misanthrop — Stutter
Disprove — Oppression
Mean Teeth — Jet Black
Chris Lake — I Want You (1991 Remix)
Serum — Magnificent
Akov — Bad Signal
Noisia & Phace — Program
Mefjus & Inside Info — Mythos VIP
S9 — Give It A Crack (Forthcoming Titan Records)
Mefjus & Kasra — Decypher



The 37th edition of the Metalcast podcast series is brought to you by the one and only Katharsys! Those French duo has been releasing on the label few releases already and to celebrate their upcoming release on our imprint Forbidden Society Recordings — Discipline EP with 3 bangers that will destroy the clubs worldwide on 9th of Sepember 2016, we decide to get you another mix with fresh dubs and already released material.You can’t get enough of Katharsys!:)
You know the drill: turn up your speakers and enjoy!

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01.Katharsys — Dead Never Stay Dead [FSRECS]
02.Donny — Monster [CPW]
03.Donny — Ten Tonne Hammer (Katharsys remix) [Guerilla]
04.Katharsys — Precog [Othercide]
05.Katharsys — Subsiders [Othercide]
06.Counterstrike — The Signal[Algorythm]
07.Katharsys — Suricate [Melting Pot]
08.Freqax — Twisted Vision [Othercide]
09.Katharsys — Inner World (Donny Remix) [CPW]
10.Katharsys & Syze — Orbit
11.Katharsys — Discipline [FSRECS]
12.Forbidden Society — Sellout [FSRECS]
13.Fragz & Katharsys — Low Life Criminals [Yellow Stripe]
14.Freqax & Katharsys feat.Syze — Shadows
15.Katharsys — Awakened [Othercide]
16.Katharsys — Daybreaker [Yellow Stripe]
17.Donny — War Horn [CPW]
18.Katharsys — Destruction [Othercide]
19.Katharsys — Galactic Subduction [Othercide]



01.BSA & Cooh — Passcode (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
02.C4C — Peep Show (Audio RMX) (Virus Recordings)
03.BSA — Other Places (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
04.BSA — Can take it (dub)
05.BSA — Fortuna (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
06.The Clamps — Social Disorder (Trendkill Records)
07.BSA — Forever (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
08.Gancher & Ruin — The Mark (Yellow-Stripe)
09.Brainpain & YMB — Move Those Feet (Culture Assault Records)
10.Agressor Bunx — Order (Eatbrain Records)
11.Sinister Souls & Erre — Tuh Tuh (VIP) (PRSPCT Recordings)
12.Satan — First Blood (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
13.BSA — Come Close (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
14.Erre & Hardlog1k — Up Underdground (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
15.Agressor Bunx — Tommy Gun (Blackout Recordings)
16.Sinister Souls — Dead Eyes (PRSPCT Recordings)
17.BSA & Cooh — He is Me (Yellow-Stripe)
18.Fragz — As we fight (Yellow-Stripe Recordings Forthcoming)
20.Current Value & Forbidden Society — Birth Cycle (FSRECS)
21.Sinister Souls — Black Bock (UNION Records)
22.BSA & CA.2.k — Game Makers (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
23.Kitech & Dylan Feat George Noblen -Hatred Written in Fire (Yellow Stripe Recordings)
24.Kitech & Dylan Feat Your Demise — Dirty Seeds Rip Puddles of Doom (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
25.Tech Itch — Retribution (Audio RMX) (Penetration Records)
26.BSA — Back to the Future (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)
27.BSA — Dream On (Yellow-Stripe Recordings)

Forbidden Society Recordings METALCAST Vol 35 feat PYTHIUS


Metalcast vol. 35 by the Dutch talent Pythius! This producer, newly under the wings of Black Sun Empire’s Blackout label, has been destroying the Drum & Bass scene with his releases lately! With all the harder edged neuro DnB bombs he’s been dropping, it was only a matter of time until this talented producer took on the challenge of making a Metalcast and serving you up a nice dose of Drum & Bass. Make sure to turn your volume up, as we heard your neighbors are starting to miss your soundsystem!


01.Mind Vortex — Against The Grain [Ram]
02.Icicle — The Edge (Black Sun Empire Remix) [Shogun Dub]
03.Khronos — ??? [Dub]
04.Optiv & BTK — Dive Bomb [Virus]
05.Cod3x — Space Gang [Bad Taste Dub]
06.Pythius — ??? [Dub]
07.Disprove, Inward, Hanzo & Randie — The Hutt [Redlight Dub]
08.Neonlight & Wintermute — Influ [Blackout]
09.Pythius — Air Raid [Blackout]
10.MachineCode — Counterbalance Ft. Coppa [C4C Dub]
11.Sinister Souls — Darkside [Othercide Dub]
12.Pythius — BBT Wait And Bleed VIP [Dub]
13.Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind — Jack Nicholson [Blackout]
14.Pythius — Abandon [Blackout]
15.Misanthrop — Capitalism [Blackout]
16.Heamy & Asphexia — Digitam Mayhem [Bad Taste]
17.Synthakt — Memento Mori [Culture Assault Dub]
18.The Outside Agency & Deathmachine — Just Noise [Genosha 175]
19.Gorgoroth — Carving A Gian


SA†AN HAS COME TO CLAIM YOUR SOUL! Hailing from Russia, this upcoming artist combines breakcore with drum & bass to reach new extremes of hardness, and he’s cooked up this brutal mix in preparation for his Czech debut at Cross Club in September to give you a small taste of the things to come. Turn your speakers up and enjoy! \m/

1.SA†AN — Strangers
2.SEI2URE & SYNAPSE – Trapped
3.SA†AN — They Evolve
4.FREQAX & GEIN — The Disease
5.QO – Killcode (Feat.Nuklear MC) Mindscape Remix
6.SA†AN — First blood
7.I:GOR – Game Tight
8.SPLINTER CELL – The Signal
9.HUNGRY & VEIN Ft. SA†AN – Oculus
10.SA†AN — Cut and Run
11.SA†AN — Flesh & Metal
12.SA†AN — Darksiders
13.SYRINX — The Leek And The Cabbage (SA†AN Remix)
14.SA†AN — Toxic Maniac
15.SPL – Bristol Transmission 
16.SA†AN — Monster


Check out the new Metalcast vol. 33, brought to us by Portuguese DJ & producer C-Netik! Showcasing a selection of his own production along with some fresh exclusive tunes. This guy has been rocking hard through the years, and there is no doubt about his DJ skills, as you can judge by yourself in the end now!:) This is Portostep at its best! As always, volume up and enjoy! !m!

1.Dub Elements — Yesterday & Always
2.Dkaos — Epistemic
3.C-Netik & eRRe — Syke
4.Hallucinator — Voodoo
5.Katharsys — Daybreaker
6.Switch Technique — Splinter Dirt
7.C-Netik & Syrinx — Stargate
8.Hostage — Corporal Punishment (DJ Hidden Remix)
9.The Outside Agency — Borrowed Time
10.Hallucinator & C-Netik — Drop Bombs
11.Synapse & Sei2ure — Trapped
12.The Outside Agency — Prepare To Die
13.Hungry & Vein feat. Satan — Grave Mistake
14.C-Netik — Checkmate VIP
15.Micromakine & Sinister Souls — Invaders
16.Satan — Cut And Run
17.C-Netik feat. Robyn Chaos — Incinerate
18.C-Netik & Bratkilla — Anor Londo

ENG : po.st/CNetikENG
CZ : po.st/CNetikCZ