METALCAST vol.40 by S9

The 40th edition of the Metalcast podcast series is brought to you by S9. S9 is the new member of FSRECS, but very experinced and talented DJ, so you can expect a perfect mix. S9 is talented producer from United Kingdom who can make everything from liquid to hard neurofunk. „Retrospect“ and „Warehouse“ belong to his best. „Warehouse“ was even considered as one of the most heaviest track of the 2016 and it was possible to hear it almost at every event. S9 releases mainly on Titan Records, Blackout, Forbidden Society Recording now too.

Take a seat, turn up your speaker and enjoy the XYth edition of the Metalcast on Forbidden Society Recordings by S9.


A.M.C & The Clamps — Prince of Darkness
Skrillex — Ragga Bomb (Teddy Killerz Remix)
The Prototypes & Prolix — Enter The Void
Agressor Bunx — Spit That Verse
Mind Vortex — Gravity
DC Breaks & Prolix — Infinity
Agressor Bunx — Adamant
Mefjus — Blitz
Disprove — Autolyse
Alibi ft. MC Coppa — Trunk
Enei — Wolfpack
Jam Thieves — Chicago Outfit
Serum — Black Metal
Halogenix — Blej
Dub Personal — Relapse
Drumsound & Bassline Smith — Odyssey VIP
Dimension — Whip Slap (S9 VIP)
State of Mind — Choker
Chase & Status — International (Dimension Remix)
Frankee — Harlequin VIP
Noisia — Into Dust
Dimension — UK
Oz — Helion
Mefjus & Misanthrop — Stutter
Disprove — Oppression
Mean Teeth — Jet Black
Chris Lake — I Want You (1991 Remix)
Serum — Magnificent
Akov — Bad Signal
Noisia & Phace — Program
Mefjus & Inside Info — Mythos VIP
S9 — Give It A Crack (Forthcoming Titan Records)
Mefjus & Kasra — Decypher


Pirate Station History 2017

Igneon System — Best of 2016

Here is my selection of the best tracks in 2016 combined with my own work i released this year.


Deformer — Extreme Deformity (N-Vitral Remix)
Somniac One — Forsaken
Tymon — Crunch Time
Dither — Bang
Sei2ure — Vibrator
The Outside Agency — Bulletproof
Nonexistent — Blender
Innominate & Sei2ure — Execute
Innominate — Build to Hurt
N-Vitral & Dither — Malframe Malfunction
Noize Suppressor — The Return of Bike’s Drum (TOA remix)
Sei2ure — Massive on the Bass
I:Gor — Straight outa Kielce
Igneon System — Blast
I:Gor — Twisted
Innominate — The Price You Pay
I:Gor — Zero Fucks Given
Satan — Nothing
Dolphin — Dynamo (Switch Technique Remix)
N-Vitral & I:Gor — Crack Ya Neck
Dither — FOWYC
Djipe — Constantly Consuming
eDub — 1,2 Hakken
Innominate & Tugie — Let the Blood Spil
Tugie & Igneon System — Cardinal of Karnage
Detest — You Cant Break me
Deathmachine — Distort U
Xaturate — Kakarot
Igneon system & Xaturate — Get Crunck
The Hard Way — Pentagram of Coke (Deathmachine remix)
Xaturate & Miss Hysteria — Rotten
Igneon System — Dropkilla
Dolphin — Mimesis