Архив метки: drum and bass

Forbidden Society Promo Tape 2014



1.Forbidden Society Industry Intro
2.Forbidden Society — Enter (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP)
3.Forbidden Society — Boycott (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP)
4.Rene Lavice — Perfect World (RAM)
5.Audio — Ultron (RAM)
6.Forbidden Society — Primal Root (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP)
7.Prolix & Misanthrop — Transcendent (Trendkill Records)
8.Forbidden Society — Criminal (Forbidden Society Recordings)
9.Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce — Cutslo (Locuste Mix) [FS Hype Up] (NTBR)
10.Forbidden Society — Never Let Me Down
11.Dom & Roland — Jedi (Mefjus Remix) (Dom & Rolan Productions)
12.Evol Intent — Punchout
13.Killer Industries — Ramen (Close 2 Death)
14.Forbidden Society — Cobra (Katharsys Remix) (Forbidden Society Recordings)
15.Current Value — The Patcher (Subsitenz)
16.Hive — Neo (Audio Remix) (RAM)
17.Forbidden Society — Heavy Metal Tank (Donny Remix) (Forbidden Society Recordings)
18.Faith In Chaos — Possesion (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)[FS Hype Up] (NTBR)
19.The Bloody Beetroots feat.Refused — New Noise [FS Hype Up]
20.The Bloody Beetroots feat. Tommy Lee — Raw (Ultra)
21.Forbidden Society — Ion Engines (FSRECS010 Thronecrusher LP)
22.Forbidden Society & Coppa — Clap Back (Forbidden Society Recordings)
23.Katharsys — Daybreaker (Yellow Stripe)
24.Current Value — Maintainer (Yellow Stripe)
25.Forbidden Society & Task Horizon — Meltdown (FS Violation) (Forbidden Society Recordings)
26.Forbidden Society — Hellstepper
27.Forbidden Society — Monger (Forbidden Society Recordings)
28.Donny — Swarm & Multiply (Barcode)
29.Maztek — M-Theory (Audio Remix) (Renegade Hardware)
30.Hive — Blackout (RAM)
31.Usual Suspects — Hole Punch (Renegade Hardware)
32.Forbidden Society — False Prophet VIP2
33.Forbidden Society & Coppa — Shots (Forbidden Society Recordings)
34.Kemal — Hostile (LOD VIP)
35.Lenny Dee — Fuckin¥ Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix) (Industrial Strenght)
36.Forbidden Society — Hustlers & Hardcore
37.Katharsys — Psychosis VIP (NTBR)
38.Slayer — Reign In Blood (Peter Kurten Bootleg) [FS Hype Up] (NTBR)
39.Lucio De Rimanez & Dereck — Why
40.Current Value — Tremor (Yellow Stripe)
41.Forbidden Society — No Such Thing
42.Forbidden Society & Smack — Nezkousej nas nasrat VIP
43.Forbidden Society & Smack — Nezkousej nas nasrat
44.Smack — Pop (Forbidden Society Remix)
45.Smack ft.Marger — Wrap You [FS 110 HYPE UP] (NTBR)

AdvancedBeats Podcast HC04 By ERRe Vs Hardlogik


01.-Axiom ft Robyn Chaos — Devil´s Theory
02.-Hardlogik — Abdicate
03.-eRRe — Candela
04.-eRRe + Hardlogik = G-Thanos
05.-Katharsys — Train Wreck
06.-Hallucinator Ft The Modern Age Slavery — Redlines
07.-eRRe — World Is Changing
08.-Hardlogik — Never Enough
09.-Limewax — Skull Demo
10.-eRRe — Golden Chocobo
11.-The Panacea — Gabbamusicon (Gancher & Ruin VIP)
12.-Hardlogik — Shut the fuck
13.-Negative A & Counterfeit — Tested On Animals
14.-eRRe — Pi Piri Pi
15.-The Outside Agency — No One But You
16.-Hardlogik — Simulated Life
17.-eRRe — Mitch Lucker 
18.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Bumba Is Watching Ya
19.-eRRe — Noizes & Clapz
20.-Satan — Killing Instinct
21.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Lenobo Fantasy
22.- — The Hammer
23.-Nagash — No Rules
24.- — New Hunter